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  • Do you provide the demolition?
    Unfortunately, we do not provide demolition. We are able to provide you with references upon request.
  • Do you seal the granite?
    California Granite & Stone seals your granite directly after installation. Most granites must be sealed on an annual basis. Please contact our office to inquire about rates and schedule an appointment.
  • What is the timeline from start to finish?
    The timeline for each project varies. Please see “Our Process” for an approximation.
  • How long is your warranty good for?
    We offer our clients a 1 year warranty. This warranty covers any product defects that occured before or during installation including: chipping, cracks, glue residue or stains. Please ask our staff about proper care for your countertops in order to ensure a lasting finish. *No warranty applied to TCE products due to the low quality of the material.
  • Can we go to your shop to do our layout?
    Some clients like to come and layout their templates on their slab to ensure that the veins run the way they envisioned. We allow this at no extra charge, however we do request that you make an appointment to ensure you will receive the help and attention you need.
  • Do you provide the plywood?
    California Granite & Stone does not provide the plywood for your cabinets. Please make arrangements with your cabinet maker or contractor and ensure you have plywood that is at least 5/8ths thick.
  • Can we see jobs you have done in the past?
    This option varies depending on the project and staff availability. We may be able to do a walk through of an on going project or show you our portfolio of completed jobs. Please contact our office to inquire about this.
  • Do you provide material?
    California Granite & Stone has big plans in the near future! For the meantime, we are referring our clients to Bedrosians for their material needs. Please call our office to schedule an appointment with one of our Bedrosians sale representatives!
  • Do we do tile?
    We do not provide tile installation services at this time, however our office is more than happy to provide references for such services.
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